Lease Audit Due Diligence and Cost Recovery

Founded in 1990, The York Group LLC, a division of York Consulting Associates LLC, has recouped millions of dollars in past rent overcharges and saved many millions more in future rental costs for many Fortune Five Hundred companies, banks, corporations, utilities, governmental entities as well as prominent law and accounting firms.

Why we succeed

Complete Lease and Rent Analysis

  • Operating Cost Billings
  • Porterís Wage Rate Calculations
  • Real Estate Tax Charges
  • H.V.A.C. and Overtime Service Charges
  • Electricity/Utility Charges
  • Consumer Price Index Calculations

Number of Leases

  • Several thousand ďauditedĒ
  • Individual leases as well as entire portfolios of leases


  • Nationwide.

Complete Rent Billing and Payment Analysis

  • Examination of Landlordís Books and Records
  • Electricity and Other Utility Examinations
  • Preparation of Comprehensive, Detailed Report of Findings
  • Negotiations and Settlement with Landlord

Consulting Services

  • Assisting tenants with the negotiation and formulation of new leases and rent-related issues.


  • Tens of millions of dollars in the aggregate

Mistakes are common in the world of billing office rents. Almost always mistakes cost the tenant money, thousands if not millions of dollars. Employing skilled lease audit techniques and our niche expertise, we detect even the most complex and esoteric mistakes. We then cause the landlord to correct its mistakes and issue rent credits or refunds to the client.

We also cause the landlord to correct its incorrect methods and formulas so that future rent billings are calculated properly and no overcharges result. Our lease audit process can save a tenant thousands if not millions of dollars.

Our methodology

ďLease auditĒ due diligence benefits the client by saving money and reducing its future rental costs. Our due diligence process of verifying the operating expense, real estate tax and utility charges recoups past overcharges and corrects errors that if not corrected will cost the tenant additional monies in the future. Our reports and advice give our clients useful information about the lease and the landlordís billing methods. By giving our clients a better understanding of the additional rents paid and the landlordís methods of billing rent, our clients can better manage and value their leases.

Our philosophy

We are client-focused and solution driven. Our select group of experts provides the very best talent and service. Each member of our group has experience working for or representing landlords as well as tenants. Today, we work only for tenants. Our skill and experience are the reasons we detect overcharges in almost forty percent of the leases we audit. That sets us apart from the competition.

Today, no company--no matter how large or small--can afford to pass up an opportunity to save money and reduce expenses. If you want the best results and service from your lease audit consultant, then engage us.

Our people

Learn more about our principals that are directly involved in our Lease Audit Due Diligence and Cost Recovery Services:

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